Taxi driver. 2 season
  • Genre: Crime drama
  • Year: 2012-2013
  • Number of series: 24 серии
  • Premiere: 26 августа 2013 («НТВ»)

Taxi driver. 2 season

Life brings the former special forces soldier Artyom Gorokhov new challenges, dangers and… love!

This time, the Taxi Driver will avenge the murderers of his wife Alena, who have gone on a business trip to provincial Primorsk and never returned home.

Heartbroken Artyom promised to find and punish criminals whatever the cost! An old friend Ignat, who works as a rescue instructor in the mountains near the place of the murder will help the Taxy Driver in this difficult case. Friends have to learn the terrible truth about the murder of Alena, which was drowned by a hired killer, sent by businessman Nefyodov. The entrepreneur was preparing a major scam, as a result of which he would receive tens of millions of dollars, and Artyom’s wife could spoil his game with her check.

The scene of the murder was seen by the ex-wife of businessman Marta, who now, hiding from accomplices of the ex-spouse, hurries to her son in Moscow. The paths of Artyom and Martha intersect at the airport, where hired guns await a frightened woman. Ignat and Artyom decide to take Martha out of the rotten city and punish the killer. Friends are ready to go to the end in the struggle for truth and don’t back down even when everyone is against them.

  • Director: Владимир Виноградов
  • Producer: Валентин Опалев
  • Operator: Игорь Крачковский
  • In the roles: Дмитрий Миллер, Максим Щёголев, Анна Банщикова, Олеся Судзиловская, Александр Клюквин, Константин Стрельников, Александр Наумов, Валерий Афанасьев, Евгений Вальц, Павел Бобров, Любовь Селютина, Мария Ильюхина, Дмитрий Быковский-Ромашов, Людмила Соловьёва, Максим Юдин, Антон Шпиньков, Олег Васильков, Алексей Фурсенко, Николай Фурсенко, Камран Абдуллаев, Александр Рубенчик, Радмила Богданова, Алексей Аптовцев, Ренат Кадыров, Бесо Гатаев, Александр Хмельницкий, Евгений Березовский, Алёна Якимова
  • Scriptwriter: Валентин Емельянов
  • Composer: Владимир Сайко
  • Painter: Анна Неволина
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