Special squad “Storm”
  • Genre: Crime action movie
  • Year: 2013
  • Number of series: 16 серий
  • Premiere: 16 ноября 2013 («5 канал», Петербург)

Special squad “Storm”

Major Ivan Melnikov arrives from Moscow to the southern port city of Primorsk with a mission of special importance. He will lead the secret special forces unit “Storm” and become an agent of “Buran”. Undercover agents come to his command: Dmitry Zubatov – “Ringer”, Anna Ryzhenko – “Thunderstorm” and lighthouse keeper Philip Yakushev, under the pseudonym “Uncle”.

To confirm their legends, the characters take up prosaic civilian posts. The group’s commander major Melnikov becomes a taxi driver, Anton Zubatov occupies the vacant position of a plumber in the housing office, and charming Anna acts as a dispatcher in the port. Living a normal life, they are always ready to instantly turn into superheroes and go out to fight criminals of all kinds.

When Primorsk and its inhabitants are in serious danger, the special squad “Storm” is always at the forefront. The agents are well aware that the world is divided into “Storm members” and other people. Therefore, despite the personal problems and domestic disorder they face in everyday life, special agents always remain faithful to duty.

However the main characters are not machines, but ordinary people. They may be mistaken in their guesses, misinterpret motives and evidence, suspect villains in innocent people. They are not immune from troubles: they can be taken hostage, injured or left “overtime”. Nevertheless, no matter what an impossible task the special squad “Storm” undertook and no matter what troubles the heroes fall into, a happy ending awaits the audience.

  • Director: Валерий Ибрагимов
  • Producer: Валентин Опалев
  • Operator: Валерий Рожко
  • In the roles: Сергей Плотников, Владислав Резник, Виктория Полторак, Ярослав Гуревич, Геннадий Свирь, Валерий Ибрагимов, Александр Агеенков, Вячеслав Василюк, Богдан Паршаков, Игорь Кузьменко, Мария Жиганова, Алла Нестерова, Лера Лахина, Татьяна Кузьменко, Александра Попова, Пётр Кудряшов, Алексей Агопьян, Виктория Карпинская, Алексей Тритенко, Тимофей Криницкий, Сергей Соловьёв, Юрий Осипов, Георгий Загорулько, Валерий Бассэль, Дарья Воронцова, Вадим Набоков, Игорь Ключников, Игорь Гнездилов, Кирилл Капица
  • Scriptwriter: Иван Капитула, Василий Ремез, Эдвард Сашко, Инна Запорожченко
  • Composer: Сергей Зыков, Пётр Розломий
  • Painter: Павел Карван
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