One versus all
  • Genre: Crime drama
  • Year: 2014-2015
  • Number of series: 16 серий
  • Premiere: 23 января 2017 («НТВ»)

One versus all

The arrival in Primorsk of the new head of the district unit of the Department of Internal Affairs Colonel Ganetsky becomes an unpleasant surprise for the head of the investigation department, Yegor Zhzhenov. By this time, Zhzhenov brought the territory entrusted to him to a relative order. Criminals knew its place, and Zhzhenov, like a real sheriff, administered justice – sent to jail or released…

Simultaneously with the arrival of Ganetsky the criminal situation in Primorsk is becoming more complicated. There is an attack on a military unit, from where unknown persons steal a large batch of weapons. Then the war between ethnic groups begins, which at this point divided the territory peacefully.

Neither Zhzhenov nor his people know that all this is part of a big game in which they all will play pre-assigned roles.

Someone is destined to become a hero, someone to die, someone to become a traitor.

  • Director: Владимир Виноградов, Михаил Вассербаум
  • Producer: Валентин Опалев
  • Operator: Сергей Юдаев, Виктор Гончар
  • In the roles: Михаил Пореченков, Илья Шакунов, Виктория Тарасова, Анна Попова, Олег Чернов, Марина Блейк, Всеволод Яшкин, Максим Деричев, Сергей Черданцев, Владимир Зайцев, Анастасия Фурса, Пётр Белышков, Степан Старчиков, Григорий Меликбекян, Иван Породнов, Михаил Фатеев, Игорь Климов, Макс Уральский, Никита Сологалов, Роман Грохольский, Александр Рубенчик, Ола Кейру, Игорь Литовкин, Владимир Мельников, Алексей Овсянников, Александр Левин, Евгений Овсянников, Михаил Вассербаум, Александр Журман, Сергей Горбачёв
  • Scriptwriter: Илья Шиловский, Светлана Шиловская, Валентин Емельянов, Андрей Тартаков
  • Composer: Владимир Сайко
  • Painter: Михаил Безчастнов
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