My lovely friend
  • Genre: Melodrama
  • Year: 2021
  • Number of series: 4 episodes
  • Premiere: 2021 (STB)

My lovely friend

After the parents of six-year-old Masha die, the girl is sent to an orphanage, where she meets the boy Dima, who promises to be always there and protect her. As soon as Dima turns 18, his uncle picks him up from the orphanage. Soon Dima goes to the army. Gradually, Masha’s connection with Dima stops.

Masha, meanwhile, graduates from a culinary college and goes to work in a restaurant, where she meets Oleg. After a while, Oleg proposes to Masha. And on this day, surprises for Masha do not end there. The girl learns that Dmitry is Oleg’s companion. Dmitry unexpectedly realizes that he is jealous of Masha. As it turned out, she is dear to him.

A couple of days before the wedding, Oleg runs over a man and, while Dima is trying to help the injured man, runs away from this place in panic. The arriving patrol and the investigator decide that Dima is to blame for this accident, since the car belongs to Dmitry, and there is no one else at the scene of the accident except Dmitry and the victim. Oleg informs Masha about this tragic incident. For Masha, the news that Dima knocked a man down like a bolt from the blue. After all, she lost her father through the fault of a car reckless driver.

Masha marries Oleg, but life does not go well with him, because somewhere in the depths of her soul there are feelings for Dima. There are still many questions ahead that the heroes of this story will have to answer. But the main one is that Masha will be able to figure out who is truly dear to her?

  • Director: Sergey Shcherbin
  • Producer: Valentin Opalev
  • Operator: Artem Kozyrev
  • In the roles: Alexandra Kashtanova, Kirill Dytsevich, Dmitry Belyakin, Alexander Nikitin, Yulia Takshina, Anastasia Maslennikova, Natalia Vasko, Oleg Stalchuk and others.
  • Scriptwriter: Anna Arbuzova, Elena Arbuzova
  • Painter: Oleksandr Ukolov
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