Merry company
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Year: 2003
  • Number of series: 12 episodes
  • Premiere: June 28, 2004 (RenTV)

Merry company

The students Stas, Pasha and Venya are a merry company. Stas is a loverboy and a barrel of laughs, his fascinating stories and jokes captivated a lot of hearts. Pasha is trying to be financially independent, he started working at school, and now he turns a penny as “the owner of balloons.” Venya is a computer genius, technology replaces all the joys of life for him. But all the heroes of the comedy series “Merry Company” are united by ingenuity, quickness and the desire for various adventures.

Boys brilliantly find a way out of any, even the most critical, situation. Yet sometimes they lack a flexible girlish mind. Therefore, at the mercy of the scriptwriters Margo appears in their friendly company. She came to the capital to her father, who divorced with her mother a few years ago, and works as the director of The Last Writer Publishing House.

The girl dreams to enter one of the Moscow universities and move to the capital for the sake of study and adventure. After all, she made such wonderful friends. Already in the first episode, the main characters of the comedy series “Merry Company” fall into a whirlpool of incredible adventures.

  • Director: Vladimir Tikhiy, Vladimir Doshchuk
  • Producer: Valentin Opalev
  • In the roles: Oleg Mosalev, Evgeny Sirotin, Artyom Mazunov, Ekaterina Lykova, Emanuel Vitorgan, Alexander Lykov, Anna Alexandrovich, Vladimir Goryansky, Alexey Agopyan, Semyon Furman, Igor Slobodskoy, Alexey Vertinsky, Lyudmila Trutnenko, Albert Kasparyants, Igor Gnezdilov, Alexander Nepomnyashchiy, Alexandra Senko, Peter Kuznetsov, Tatyana Steblovskaya, Victoria Gurskaya, Oksana Tsepenyuk, Valentin Opalev, Anatoly Zinovenko, Alexander Yarema, Anatoly Dyachenko, Nikolai Gudz, Denis Rodnyansky, Anna Levchenko
  • Scriptwriter: Oleg Zima, George Conn, Alexandra Smilyanskaya, Armen Vatyan
  • Composer: Pavel Krahmalev, Igor Melnichuk
  • Painter: Anatoly Pidoprigora
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