Investigator Gorchakova
  • Genre: Detective melodrama
  • Year: 2019
  • Number of series: 20 episodes
  • Premiere: April 29, 2019 (Inter)

Investigator Gorchakova

The homicide department investigator Anna Gorchakova has unusual thinking algorithm. Therefore, she always solves contract killings, finds missing children and kidnapped hostages.

She is appreciated by the head of the department, lieutenant colonel Balan and adored by the detectives — captains Razbegaev and Shcherban, as well as lieutenant trainee Stolbovoy. However, mother of Stolbovoy does not like that Gorchakova attracts her son to risky operations, and she, as one of the police leaders, oppresses Anna at work.

Gorchakova’s husband, a chef and shareholder of an elite restaurant, insists that she dismiss from authorities and finally give birth to a baby. However, during the investigation of another contract murder, her colleague, captain Shcherban, dies, and Gorchakova cannot leave her job until she takes revenge on the killer for the murdered colleague.

Needless to say, no one will allow the investigator to be on the hunt for only one criminal. Gorchakova is forced not only to search for her enemy, but also to investigate other particularly serious crimes.

Meanwhile, Prilutsky, who is in love with Gorchakova from the first year of college, comes to the metropolitan prosecutor’s office. Due to the jealousy of her friend Lidochka and Gorchakova’s husband, constant conflicts begin in her life…

  • Director: Vera Yakovenko, Alexander Salnikov
  • Producer: Valentin Opalev
  • Operator: Matvey Shulgin, Alexander Klimenko, Anna Skibenko, Konstantin Ovcharenko
  • In the roles: Nastya Zadorozhnaya, Anton Batyrev, Igor Kistol, Alexey Zubkov, Andrey Saminin, Oleg Korkushko, Yulia Yurchenko, Nikolay Boklan, Evgeny Efremov, Vladimir Goncharov, Alexey Smolka, Alexander Yarema, Alexey Vertinsky, Vladislav Mamchur, Anatoly Zinovenko, Natalia Vasko, Oles Katsyon , Victor Stepanenko, Vitaliy Ivanchenko, Igor Lysyuk, Akhmed Esmurziev, Irina Verenich-Ostrovskaya, Petr Boyko, Eduard Jafarov, Vadim Kutsenok, Victor Babak, Boris Georgievsky, Oleg Gusev, Sergey Kisil, Anastasia Gubanova
  • Scriptwriter: Andrey Rumyantsev
  • Painter: Vladimir Pavlyukh
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