I was waiting for you for so long
  • Genre: MelodramaCrime melodrama
  • Year: 2019
  • Number of series: 20 episodes
  • Premiere: April 1, 2019 (STB, Ukraine)

I was waiting for you for so long

Zhanna and Roman love each other since childhood, but their dreams of a wedding collapse when the guy is accused of killing Zhanna’s best friend, Katya. Zhanna’s father Valery, who is the police major and does not need an insolvent son-in-law, sets Roman up. Zhanna gets to know that Roman is threatened to be killed in prison so she makes a deal with a local criminal boss Slava Karpov. She agrees to a fictitious marriage with Slava and in exchange for this, Roma receives protection and special conditions in prison. Roman gets to know about Zhanna’s wedding and marries another woman in revenge. Years pass. Roman and Zhanna learn to live without love, but fate brings them together again … Except that now, a calm, cynical Roman sincerely considers the former bride a traitor, not suspecting that she has been waiting for him all these years …

  • Director: Valery Ibragimov
  • Producer: Valentin Opalev
  • Operator: Artyom Kozyrev
  • In the roles: Alexander Mokhov, Evgenia Nokhrina, Dmitry Blazhko, Olesya Zhurakovskaya, Alexey Zubkov, Svetlana Zelbet, Sergey Veksler, Irina Ogorodnik, Lyudmila Nilskaya, Anna Bachalova, Matvey Zubalevich, Maria Klimova, Elena Khizhnaya, Dmitry Belyakin, Ekaterina Marchenko, Liliya Nagornaya, Andrei Isaenko, Yulia Yurchenko, Damir Sukhov, Sergey Cherkasov, Roman Lyakh, Oleg Korkushko, Svetlana Prus, Maxim Boryak, Maria Markhai, Margarita Krupina-Binkovskaya, Maria Grunicheva, Maria Zanyborshch, Olesya Vlasova
  • Scriptwriter: Yana Romanenko
  • Painter: Alexander Ukolov
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