Delta. 2 season
  • Genre: action
  • Year: 2014-2015
  • Number of series: 24 серии
  • Premiere: 12 октября 2015 («НТВ»)

Delta. 2 season

In the second season of the series, Andrei Beketov, a former operative who became a fishery protection inspector, settles in Bakhmetyevka, gets to know the locals more closely and understands that here, on a picturesque river expanse, among ordinary people, he finally lives a real full-fledged life. Serious passions run high on the river and in the region: caviar is a valuable and expensive commodity. Beketov finds himself in the very center of the whirlpool of criminal events and establishes a strict order in the area entrusted to him. He is respected not only by law-abiding fishermen, but also by experienced poachers.

Beketov, having parted with his wife Alena, finds true love in Bakhmetyevka, and marries Tatyana Lobanova, the widow of his army friend Pavel Lobanov, who was killed in the first season. Tatyana becomes Beketov’s faithful assistant on the river and helps to solve crimes related to poaching, illegal sale of caviar and criminality in the entrusted territory.

The head of the local administration Ivan Parkhomenko and the young district police officer Lushin actively help Beketov and Tatyana.

Beketov’s actions bother the local entrepreneur, and in fact, the caviar dealer, Sergei Belov, who has brought to heel the whole district. Belov, by hook or by crook, is trying to lure the incorruptible fish inspector to his side in order to force him to play according to his own rules. It happens so that Beketov owes Belov his life and the later demands to pick up the tab, involving Beketov in his criminal business.

  • Director: Sergey Vinogradov, Andrey Tartakov, Armenak Nazikyan, Alexander Kalugin
  • Producer: Валентин Опалев
  • Operator: Сергей Алексеев, Игорь Рукин
  • In the roles: Вадим Колганов, Анна Казючиц, Сергей Селин, Александр Баширов, Сергей Цепов, Степан Абрамов, Ксения Громова, Егор Клинаев, Александр Андриенко, Александр Терешко, Родион Галюченко, Денис Давыдов, Николай Афанасьев, Александр Федин, Артём Кочетов, Юлия Рувинская, Татьяна Насташевская, Евгений Москалёв, Дмитрий Супонин, Роман Зацаринный, Артём Кобзев, Маргарита Иванова, Варвара Иванова, Елена Гольянова, Александр Наумов, Алексей Дайнеко, Всеволод Яшкин, Марина Волкова, Анна Соловейчик, Константин Ткаченко
  • Scriptwriter: Светлана Белова, Елена Караваешникова, Майя Шаповалова (Комиссарова), Яков Бабушкин, Андрей Тартаков, Дмитрий Филипченко, Людмила Пивоварова, Ирина Квирикадзе, Ирина Чурюмова, Яна Симон, Ирина Яблокова
  • Composer: Олег Воляндо
  • Painter: Дмитрий Бровкин
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