Shootouts, chases and fights: «Kyivtelefilm» continues filming the series «Provincial»

7 July 2021
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The film crew of the Kyivtelefilm Film Company, headed by director Sergey Shcherbin, continues to work on the 24-episode action series «Provincial».

The film’s will be broadcast in the fall this year. In it, detective and melodramatic lines are closely intertwined, and ironic dialogue along with funny situations in which the main characters find themselves, add a comedic touch, which is so necessary for the emotional balance.

Each episode of the series is a new exciting story, in the center of which there is always the main character – police captain Nikolai Semashko.

As a result of the investigation of a resonant case, he, a young provincial district police officer, receives a promotion and is transferred to serve in the city, where, together with colleagues from the special anti-crime division, he undertakes to unravel the most high-profile criminal cases.

Inquisitive mind, integrity in work and adventurous spirit help him to get to the bottom of any case. However, in his struggle for justice, he himself is often under enemies’ attack, and risks losing not only his job, but also his beloved woman.

Key roles in the film will be performed by such famous artists as Alexey Morozov, Alexander Pashkov, Oscar Kuchera, Dmitry Shevchenko, Alexander Naumov, Nikolai Boklan, Sergey Denga, Yulia Yurchenko, Vlada Verevko, Anatole Von-Filandra, Oleg Stalchuk and others.

According to the creators of the series, it will be full of action episodes, including scenes of fights, chases and shootouts. The main bulk of these tricks the audience will see performed by the artists themselves.

However, with the productions of a higher level of complexity, such as car chases, for example, according to the stunt arranger, director of the League of Stuntmen of Ukraine Nazar Mayboroda, doubles are involved.

At the same time, he says, regardless of the degree of complexity of such episodes, the approach to their preparation and implementation requires equal seriousness.

“There are no small things in our business. Every little thing can be fatal. In this regard, the approach is equally serious to all scenes,” – he emphasizes.


We will remind you that the shooting of the series «Provincial» started in April and will last until August this year. The picture is being shot in Kiev and Kiev region.




24 episodes

Crime melodrama



Screenwriter: George Konn

Director: Sergey Shcherbin

Director of photography: Anton Verbin

Production designer: Alexander Ukolov

Costume designer: Tatyana Zubareva

Make-up artist: Irina Boytsova

Director of the film crew: Artem Suliga

Executive Producer: Pavel Karvan

General producer: Valentin Opalev

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