“Save Vera”: How the series is filmed

16 April 2021
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The team of “Kyivtelefilm” under direction of production director Alexander Itygilov continues filming a 16-episodes detective melodrama “Save Vera”. The production of the series, which premiere is scheduled for May this year, is ordered by the TV channel “Ukraine”. The script is full of unexpected plot twists and turns, touches on acute social themes and will definitely delight the audience with its star composition.

About the script

In the center of the storyline is a young woman Vera, whose role is played by the famous actress Elena Velikanova. The life of her heroine – a talented and demanded doctor and loving wife and mother – in few days turns into a battlefield for the truth, safety and preservation of the family. Trying to find out the circumstances of her sister’s death, she – principled truth-teller – gets into a whirlpool of criminal events and at some point finds herself on the wrong side of the bar.

The disagreement with her husband, whose role is played by popular actor Alexey Zubkov also adds  fuel to the fire. His character learns unknown to him before details of his wife’s past and under the pressure of emotions, he loses all confidence in her. What cleverly tries to take advantage of a new acquaintance – a lawyer named Elsa, who will be presented to the audience by the famous actress Yulia Takshina.

“I really like the role I am playing in this series. My character is quite controversial. On the one hand, it seems to be the story of a woman doing bad things and trying to snatch the husband of another woman. On the other hand, this is the story of a very miserable woman trapped in her feelings and unable to combat them.

I love to analyze this kind of thing. After all, we usually tend to have a one-track mind when judging such situations, that it is bad. But we never read a person`s soul. My character just gives me the opportunity to do this.”- actress shares the details.

About the meanings

In addition to the romantic line, the series also raises important social themes.  In particular, according to the second director of the project Tatiana Ulko, these are some issues of professional integrity, universal human values, as well as the relationship of parents and children.

“It’s quite cautionary story, which once again confirms the fact that parents should love all their children equally. Maybe they can do it their own way, but they shouldn’t love someone more and someone less. Because such division in the end does not lead to anything good …”- adds in conversation with our journalists actress Natalya Batrak, who plays mother of the main character in the series “Save Vera”.

According to her, the story, which the audience will see very soon, is very vital. Moreover, although based on a terrible drama, it still gives hope for the best future. It shows that there is a way out of even the most difficult situations.

“It teaches you that you should never give up … That you should live peacefully, love each other, help and support your family and friends …” – says the actress.

 About technical points

The team has been working on this series for two months. During this time, the team managed to do a huge amount of work. Some tasks were added, among other things, due to the weather conditions. Shooting started during the heavy February snowfalls. Therefore, as spring sets in, before art department automatically faced the problem of recreating the winter exterior. As a result, to shoot episodes with supposedly snow-covered streets, the team had to resort to all kinds of time-tested film techniques.

“For example, we used to whip foam for the bath and then scatter it. Once we did all this, went into the apartment (to another location, – Editor) and it really snowed,” Tatiana Ulko recalls with a smile the curious incident.

Also, the firefighting equipment was used in order to help “organize a bit unscheduled winter”.

About atmosphere on the production set

The atmosphere on the set is hard-working but very positive, share the participants in the filming process. The common cause brought the entire team, as well as the cast and director’s department, even closer together.

“It was the first time I’ve worked with Sasha (Alexander Itygilov, – Editor). He’s great and knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s a pleasure to work with him,” Natalya Batrak shares her impressions.

“We have really wonderful atmosphere on the set. We have really wonderful team. I have wonderful partners – Elena Velikanova, Alexey Zubkov. You are welcomed here in a good-natured and hospitable way. What more could you want?”- adds Yulia Takshina to the words of her colleague.

About the director’s view 

The production director of the series is also very flattering about work with the cast of the project. Moreover, speaking of the script, he said that the audience shall expect a story with a dashingly twisted story line and intrigue, which will remain until the denouement.

“Usually the story line is constructed in such a way that it is more or less clear how the fates of the characters will intertwine in the finale. But, in this case it is a little bit different,” he stresses.


Let us recall that shooting of the 16-episodes detective melodrama “Save Vera” began in February and will continue until the end of April this year.

Read more about the filming process, script and cast ensemble of the project in the interview with production director of the series Alexander Itygilov.


 “Save Vera”


16 episodes




Scriptwriters: Lena Levina, Eduard Aliev

Production director: Alexander Itygilov

Director of photography: Andrey Shkir

Production designer: Ivan Stepanenko

Costume director: Anna Krupnitskaya

Make-up artist: Alena Dubina

Line producers: Pavel Karvan, Svetlana Karvan

Unit production manager: Artem Suliga

Executive producer: Valentin Opalev

Producers of TRK “Ukraine”: Victoria Korogod, Irina Chernyak


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