Kyivtelefilm started shooting the series «You will never forget me»

9 November 2021
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The film group Kyivtelefilm Film Company started work on production of a 16-episode melodrama «You will never forget me».

The director of the film is Andrey Novoselov, the director of photography – Stanislav Tkachov.

The story by Natalya Athenogenova tells about the life of a young female architect Zhanna Larionova. By chance, she witnesses a terrible accident caused by the son of a big businessman – Valery Barkovich. Having influence over law enforcement agencies, the Barkovich family tries to settle the issue with their proven method, and as a reward for silence offers the girl a large sum of money.

Accustomed to living up to her conscience and having grown up in a cultured family, Zhanna refuses the questionable deal and promises to do everything possible to ensure that the investigation does not drop the case. But the battle for justice proves to be so inequitable that it ultimately leads to the death of the lead character’s father.

The girl is sure – her childhood friend, Mark, is indirectly responsible, owing much to Larionov but refusing to help him in his hour of need. Zhanna erases the young man from her life for a long time, and considers him a traitor. He accepts her position, but all the while he covertly participates in the fate of the protagonist, helping her in secret through family and acquaintances.

After some time, having suffered many losses and overcome many obstacles, the girl gets into trouble and is on the verge of life and death. Mark becomes the only one who comes to her aid, and she realizes that she has no one closer than him. Zhanna lets go of the past and lets Mark back into her life. Their friendship gradually develops into a romantic relationship, the couple gets married and seems to finally find happiness. However, having met her first love once more, Zhanna begins to doubt her feelings for her husband and takes the step towards breaking up…

Key roles in the film are played by: Anna Klinskaya, Vakhtang Beridze, Kirill Dytsevich, Alla Podchufarova, Roman Polyansky, Ludmila Nilskaya, Alexander Mokhov, Irina Mokhova, Natalia Vasko, Anatoly Zinovenko, Lyudmila Ardelian, Alexander Sugak, Asya Kiseleva and others.

The complete cycle of production of the series is carried out by Kyivtelefilm Film Company on the order of TV channel «Ukraine». Filming will take place in Kiev and Kiev region and will last until January 2022 inclusive.


«You will never forget me»


16 episodes


Year 2021


Screenwriter: Natalia Athenagenova

Stage Director: Andrey Novoselov

Director of photography: Stanislav Tkachov

Production designer: Artem Carvan

Costume designer: Yulia Jabenko

Makeup artist: Margarita Moisseenko

Director of the film crew: Andrei Pavlyuk

Line Producer: Artem Suliga

Executive Producer: Pavel Karvan

Producers of TRC «Ukraine»: Victoria Korogod, Irina Chernyak

General producer: Valentin Opalev



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