“Kyivtelefilm” began shooting the series “Overcoming”

8 September 2021
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The film crew of the Kyivtelefilm Film Company has begun work on the production of the 16-episode action-packed melodrama Overcoming.

The director of the picture is Yuri Osipov, and the director of photography is Andrei Shkir.

«We have a very good group, great artists, amazing producers and TV channel. We’re doing well. And based on that, I think there will be a good movie. I don’t just think, but am sure there will be», – the director notes.

Undoubtedly, the exciting and unpredictable plot of the picture, in which detective and melodramatic lines are closely intertwined, will also play a role in winning the audience’s attention. The script by Nina Abrikosova is full of intrigues and unexpected plot twists, forcing you now and then to look at not only at the events taking place, but also at the essence of each of the characters from a new angle.

In the center of the plot is the family of a novice investigator Rita Sorokina, whose role will be played by the famous actress Alena Kolomina.

The mother of the main character dies under strange circumstances as a result of a fire. The investigation establishes that it was an accident, but the girl refuses to believe it. And she is almost convinced that her father and her young man Artem, experienced operatives, are hiding something from her.

Nikolai Petrovich, Rita’s father, reacts very sorely to the loss. He is unable to come to terms not only with the loss, but also with the circumstances of the death of his wife, which indicate that she spent the last minutes of her life with a lover.

The question of betrayal is very painful for him and, as it turned out, it more than once became the subject of quarrels with his wife. Which, together with the suddenly surfaced details of his life, casts a shadow of suspicion on him. Rita does not want to believe that her father was somehow involved in the death of her mother, but at the same time she does not stop thinking about resuming the investigation.

Only a series of new dramatic events in the family and in the relationship with her beloved makes her forget about it for a while – combined with the problems at work caused by the pressure of local elites in the face of a major businessman Mikhail Vidnovsky. Being a maximalist in life, she tries to resist injustice and corruption schemes in the judicial system. However, the blows of her enemies are so strong that sometimes it seems to her that she is not able to take them alone.

Insight and integrity in her work help the girl overcome all the obstacles in her path. Step by step, unraveling one crime after another, facing misunderstanding and betrayal, she still gets to the bottom of each of them. And unexpectedly for herself, having took up another case, she finally finds out the causes and circumstances of the death of her own mother in the last minutes of the final episode.

Key roles in the film, along with Alena Kolomina, will also be performed by such famous artists as Alexander Konstantinov, Kiril Kuznetsov, Alexander Naumov, Yuri Osipov, Alena Yakovleva, Anna Luttseva, Sofia Ardova, Konstantin Oktyabrsky, Oleg Moskalenko, Vladimir Gladkyy, Anna Rozstalnaya and others.

The shooting of the detective melodrama will take place in Kiev and the Kiev region and will last until November this year. The production of the series by Kyivtelefilm Film Company is ordered by the TV channel «STB».


We will remind you that the shooting of the series «A bolt from the blue» and «Provincial» was finished the day before. The footage is currently in the post-production stage.




16 episodes


Year 2021


Script author: Nina Abrikosova

Stage Director: Yuri Osipov

Director of photography: Andrey Shkir

Production designer: Vitaliy Shamatienko

Costume designer: Anna Krupnitskaya

Makeup artist: Alena Dubina

Line Producer: Artem Suliga

Executive Producer: Pavel Karvan

Producers of TV channel «STB»: Lyudmila Semchuk, Ekaterina Shemelyuk

General producer: Valentin Opalev

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