Film Company “Kyivtelefilm” started filming the TV series “Save Vera”

13 February 2021
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The film crew of the Film Company “Kyivtelefilm” under the direction of Oleksandr Ityhilov began work on a melodrama called “Save Vera”

Filming started on February 11 and will run until April 2021 inclusive.

According to the second director of the project, Tetiana Ulko, this is a 16-episode TV series with elements of a detective drama, which tells about the difficult fate of a woman, whose family at one moment fell upon a series of unfortunate events.

“It will be a challenging way for the heroine. She would have to face meanness, betrayal, and survive the loss of a loved one,” she says, adding that the series also raises issues of professional cleanliness, human values, relations between parents and adolescents.

In addition to the multi-level plot, according to her, the project will delight the audience with its cast.

“We have a wonderful stellar team…,” emphasizes Tetiana Ulko.

In particular, such famous actors as Olena Velykanova, Oleksii Zubkov, Roman Polianskyi, Yuliia Takshyna, Oleksandr Tiutin, Natalia Batrak, Mykhailo Khimichov, Viktoriia Poltorak, Artem Hryhoriev, Alina Grosu will play key roles in the series.

The film is being filmed by the Film Company “Kyivtelefilm” by order of the TV channel “Ukraine”. Its shooting will take place in Kyiv and Kyiv region.

Let us remind you that the Kyivtelefilm crew is also working on the filming of the 4-episode melodrama “Home is where the heart is.”


“Save Vera”


16 episodes




Scriptwriter: Olena Levina, Eduard Aliiev

Production director: Oleksandr Ityhilov

Director of photography: Andrii Shkir

Art director: Ivan Stepanenko

Costume designer: Anna Krupnytska

Make-up artist: Olena Dubyna

Executive producers: Pavlo Karvan, Svitlana Karvan

Line producer: Artem Sulyha

General producer: Valentyn Opalev

Producers of the TV channel “Ukraine”: Viktoriia Korohod, Iryna Cherniak


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