Denis Korablev: In the series «A bolt from the blue» will be displayed the whole palette of life

1 August 2021
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The filming crew of Kyivtelefilm Film Company continues to work on the 16-episode melodrama «A bolt from the blue». Shooting of the picture is ordered by TV channel «Ukraine» and will be broadcast in the fall of 2021.

The director of the series was Alexander Mokhov. The second director of the project is Denis Korablev.

Our journalists visited the site and talked with him about how the shooting goes, what moods reign within the team and with what the creators of the picture intend to surprise the audience.

All the details are further in the material.

About working with the director

– This is my first time working with Alexander Anatolyevich, but I have a feeling that we have known each other for a long time. We had a fairly short period of «jelling». However, even though not from the very first shifts, we still opened up for each other, found a common language. It is very easy and comfortable for me to work with him. And, to put it in professional slang, I can safely say that he is my type of a director.

About the film crew

– I am also very comfortable working with the film crew. In the professional circle there is an unspoken law that the second director (due to his official duties) on site can not and should not have friends. We though, have an absolutely friendly atmosphere. And at the start of the project, I was even asked why I don’t «push» anyone, don’t raise my voice. To which I answered with a counter question: «What for?».

People do their job, do it qualitatively and on time. If there is a delay in any department, we solve the issue together, improve something, refine it, so that in the end everything looks as beautiful as possible in the frame.

About the working atmosphere

– At the moment we are approaching the completion of the filming process. The team works smoothly. Everyone maintains a state of composure.

At the same time, we do not have a tense atmosphere, it’s not like the director is a tyrant and keeps everyone in constraints. On the contrary, Alexander Anatolyevich gives the team a freedom of action. We are all creators on the site, everyone has the opportunity to reveal their creative potential. And I think it’s easy for actors to work in such an environment, too.

About plot twists

– In the series «A bolt from the blue», the entire palette of life will be displayed. Its plot, of course, is full of intrigues. This is a real love polyhedron, in which all the characters, one way or another, are connected by romantic or friendly relations.

Also, the picture is not devoid of action episodes. In the frame, viewers will see chases, fights and shootouts, for the filming of which we employ professional stuntmen and pyrotechnics.

About locations

– In addition, we have a lot of different interesting locations. We shot both on the water and on the top. But the main (and a pride of ours) is, of course, the house of the main characters, in which all the plot lines actually intersect.

It took a lot of time to begin shooting exactly there. Initially, a completely different option was considered, but it was not quite suitable for work, and we began shooting at a different location. However, it also had to be abandoned, because there were problems with electricity, and then there was an uncomfortable situation with the neighbors. As a result, we’ve got a third house, where we ended up shooting our story.

And I mean, now, looking at the footage from the editing studio, we realize that it’s just perfect. In it, everything «bloomed» in a new way, all the actors opened up differently, a sense of integrity appeared. The house complements the artists, and they, in turn, complement it. It seems that our characters indeed lived there for a long time.


We will remind you that the shooting of the series «A bolt from the blue» started in June and will last until August of this year. Filming takes place in Kiev and Kiev region.

Also read more about the filming process and the acting ensemble of the picture in the material: «Alexander Mokhov about the project «A bolt from the blue»: We have a wonderful cast.»


«A bolt from the blue»


16 episodes


Year 2021


Screenwriters: Elena Arbuzova, Anna Arbuzova

Director: Alexander Mokhov

Director of photography: Andrey Shkir

Production designer: Vitaliy Shamatienko

Costume designer: Anna Krupnitskaya

Makeup artist: Alena Dubina

Line Producer: Artem Suliga

Executive Producer: Pavel Karvan

Producers of TRC «Ukraine»: Victoria Korogod, Irina Chernyak

General producer: Valentin Opalev

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