«A bolt from the blue»: About the plot, the acting ensemble and the filming process

7 November 2021
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On November 8 «Ukraine» TV channel will premiere 16-series melodrama «Bolt among the clear sky». The whole cycle of production of the picture was carried out by «Cinema company «Kyivtelefilm».

The director was Alexander Mokhov.

Director of photography – Andrey Shkir.

Production designer – Vitaly Shamatienko.

About the story

The film tells the lifestory of a young man Alexey, for whom an attempt to protect a stranger from a rapist turns into a real tragedy, brings him to the dock, and later – to the jail. Only the support of his mother and his beloved girl Olesya, who promised to wait for him in spite of everything, helps him to survive and not break under the burden of this trial. But her words are at odds with action, and she is about to marry another, seemingly more promising, young man.

For Alexei, who has just been released from prison, this news is a devastating blow. However, he has no idea that he must face yet another, no less dramatic, shock, which directly affects his family. He is exposed to a secret, the circumstances of which turn his life upside down and make him face serious challenges. Suddenly, he becomes the head of a large company, and in addition, receives a wide range of detractors in the form of new relatives who are willing to go to great lengths to seriously spite him.

By chance, during this period of his life, Alexei meets Valya again – the same stranger because of whom he once got into a fight and went to prison. The girl, however, acts as if she does not know that she owes him her rescue, and probably her life. Trying to understand her intentions and seeing that his best friend, Igor, is interested in her, he, too, takes his time to reveal all the cards to her, but at the same time begins to trust her more and more.

About the acting ensemble

The male lead in the picture will be played by a famous actor Alexander Konstantinov.

The audience will see Xenia Lukyanichikovan as the girlfriend of the main character, Olesya and in the role of Valya – Marina Mitrofanova.

They will also be accompanied by actors, beloved by many viewers: Kirill Dytsevich and Irina Grishak, who will play a couple in love.

Kirill Dytsevich calls his character, Sergei, somewhat ambiguous and notes that at first he may even be difficult to understand. In the first episodes, he will appear as a young man,  spoiled by money and love. However, with the development of the plot, says the actor, his character will gradually change.

«A very interesting transformation takes place with the fellow. From a certain «golden boy», thanks to circumstances, wife and brother he transforms into a man», – the actor tells.

Sonya – Sergei’s wife, who will be portrayed by Irina Grishak, in turn disarms the audience with her affection and ability to love without looking back. Given the character’s willfulness, the couple finds itself in a very complicated relationship, according to the plot. And before they know which way to take for each of themselves, they will have to overcome a lot of confusion, quarrels and misunderstandings together.

«Sonya is loving, timid, gentle, but nevertheless she knows her own value and knows that there is a limit. And if Sergei crosses this line, she will leave him. That’s what she tries to do several times…» – shares the actress.

The main character’s friend, Igor, is played by actor Vasily Shmakov. The artist admits – the role is quite interesting. The character is written as a funny, good, kind guy. However, like everyone else, he also has skeletons in his closet, which sometimes make him act contrary to his beliefs and do things that are difficult to explain.

The acting ensemble of the picture will also be represented by such famous artists as Ekaterina Semenova, Vadim Andreev, Larisa Udovichenko, Vladimir Sterjakov, Maria Klimova, Vakhtang Beridze, Alexander Pashkov, Oleg Savkin, Andrey Tritenko, Anna Salivanchuk and others.

About working on the picture

According to the creators of the film, the show will delight the audience not only with a bright cast, but also with an exciting plot and a decent visual background. Locations within Kiev and Kiev region were chosen for the filming of the picture. Part of the sets was built in the pavilions of Kyivtelfilm.

«The brightest of them is, of course, the country house. This is our main location. We, for our part, certainly tried to add a little beauty to it. The interior was not changed much. This house is, in principle, difficult to supplement, because it is unique. The surrounding area, however, had to be somewhat decorated. Coincidentally, it was in the process of being repaired, and there were nuances to hide. But everything worked. I saw the footage – I liked it. I can say that I am pleased with my work», says the production designer of the film, Vitaly Shamatienko.

The most extensive work here was to recreate the appropriate exterior for both wedding ceremonies in the script. One of them is the marriage of characters played by Kirill Dytsevich and Irina Grishak. According to the Head of the Art Department, there was an attempt to decorate the site in different styles – up to the differences in traditional attributes such as wedding arches. Interesting moves with lighting were also taken. In particular, ice furniture and other decorative elements with appropriate illumination were installed specifically for the filming of the banquet on the occasion of Sergei and Sonya’s wedding.

«We worked awfully hard on this. It will be spectacular. By the way, I would say that in fact the area there wasn’t that big, and it was difficult to show the scale (suggested by the scenario, – Ed.). But, also thanks to our cameramen, everything worked out. It can really be felt that there’s a lot of people and a lot of light», – shares Vitaly Shamatienko.

«It was a long way to begin shooting in this particular house. Initially, a completely different option was considered, but it was not quite suitable for work, and we began shooting at a different location. However, it also had to be abandoned, because there were problems with electricity, and then there was an uncomfortable situation with the neighbors. As a result, we’ve got a third house, where we ended up shooting our story.

And I mean, now, looking at the footage from the editing studio, we realize that it’s just perfect. In it, everything «bloomed» in a new way, all the actors opened up differently, a sense of integrity appeared. The house complements the artists, and they, in turn, complement it. It seems that our characters indeed lived there for a long time.», – adds the second director of the project Denis Korablev.

In addition to the cottage, according to him, there was also a number of other interesting locations. In particular, there are scenes shot on the water, on the top, in the forest, etc.

About the atmosphere on the site

Participants of the filming process also note that a creative friendly atmosphere reigned on the site during the entire filming period.

«This is my first work with Alexander Mokhov, and hopefully not my last, because he was very interesting to work with. Already at the end of the first day of filming I had a strong feeling that we knew him for many years», says Vasily Shmakov.

«I have worked with Kyivtelefilm more than once, and I like this company very much. Here, the people are so sincere, warm, open… It was very easy for me to work on the set, with the director, with the partners, and with the whole team. And so in the last few days of filming, I just wanted to extend that pleasure», – adds the actress Maria Klimova, who also played one of the key roles in the series.


We will remind that the shooting of the series «A bolt from the blue» took place in the summer of the current year.

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«A bolt from the blue»


16 episodes


Year 2021


Screenwriters: Elena Arbuzova, Anna Arbuzova

Director: Alexander Mokhov

Director of photography: Andrey Shkir

Production designer: Vitaliy Shamatienko

Costume designer: Anna Krupnitskaya

Makeup artist: Alena Dubina

Line Producer: Artem Suliga

Executive Producer: Pavel Karvan

Producers of TRC «Ukraine»: Victoria Korogod, Irina Chernyak

General producer: Valentin Opalev




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