2021«With the call of duty»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2021«Home is where your hart is»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2021«Step torwards»16 episodesTRK Ukraine
2021«My lovely friend»4 episodesSTB
2021«Other people`s sins»16 episodesTRK Ukraine
2021«Mistakes of the youth»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2021«Without you»16 episodesTRK Ukraine
2021«Despite everything»16 episodesSTB
2021«Prisoner of the past»16 episodesTRK Ukraine
2020«Weak link»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2020«Diamond crown»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2020«Alien children»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2020«My sweet foundling»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2020«Crystal Dream»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2020«Valentine’s Day»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2020«Life is beautiful»4 episodesSTB
2019«Senior investigator»16 episodesSTB
2019«Spicy Taste of Love»4 episodesInter
2019«I’ll wait for you anyway»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2019«Strong woman»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2019«One lie for two»4 episodesInter
2019«Taxi driver»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2019«On different shores»16 episodesSTB
2019«Passion for Zinaida»12 episodesInter
2019«Hello, sister!»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2019«Double reflection»8 episodesTRK Ukraine
2019«I am looking for you»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2019«Stranger»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2019«Investigator Gorchakova»20 episodesInter
2019«Non-feminine Work»20 episodesInter
2019«I was waiting for you for so long»20 episodesSTB
2019 «My boy»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2019«Don’t you dare say goodbye to me!»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2019«Angel’s Voice»4 episodesInter
2018«Stamp in the passport»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2018«Unsent Letter»4 episodesTRK Ukraine, Russia 1
2018 «Salvation Fee»4 episodesInter, Russia 1
2018«Taisiya»4 episodesInter, Domashniy
2018«I will give you the dawn»4 episodesInter, Russia 1
2018«On the swing of fate»4 episodesTRK Ukraine, Russia 1
2018«Unsweet Revenge»4 episodesTRK Ukraine, Russia 1
2017«Good intentions»4 episodesTRK Ukraine, Russia 1
2017 «Believe and Wait»4 episodesTRK Ukraine, Russia 1
2017«Dragonfly»4 episodesSTB, Domashniy channel
2017«Ghost Wife»4 episodesTRK Ukraine, Domashniy channel
2017«Veil»10 episodesSTB
2017«Happiness Under the Contract»4 episodesRussia 1, STB
2017 «Love and believe»4 episodesRussia 1, STB
2017«Run to yourself»4 episodesRussia 1, STB
2016-2017«Cop wars. Odessa»16 episodes2+2
2016-2017«Loner»16 episodes2+2
2016-2017«Team»24 episodes2+2
2015-2016«Prosecutorial Checks»32 episodesICTV
2014-2015«Bride»12 episodesFirst
2014-2015«Season of love»4 episodesFirst
2014«Mariyna Roshcha. Continuation»18 episodesRussia
2014-2015   «One against all»16 episodesNTV
2014-2015«Delta. Continuation»24 episodesNTV
2014-2015    «Teacher in Law. Battle 1»32 episodesNTV
2014      «Bros 4»32 episodesNTV
2014     «Forest Guard 3»48 episodesNTV
2013   «Mom in Law»4 episodesNTV
2013«Special Squad “Storm»16 episodes   5th channel
2013«Train to the North»4 episodesNTV
2013«Come»4 episodesNTV
2013«Second Chance»24 episodesNTV
2012-2013«Gypsy Cab Driver. Continuation»24 episodesNTV
2012«Mariyna Roshcha»16 episodesRussia
2012«Ticket for Two»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2012«Hussy»4 episodesTRK Ukraine
2012«While village is sleeping»4 episodesRussia
2012«Delta»24 episodesNTV
2012«At Gunpoint»16 episodesNTV
2012«Beauty»8 episodesFirst
2011-2012«Bros 3»32 episodesNTV
2011-2012«Teacher in Law. Return»32 episodesNTV
2011«Chalk Drawing»4 episodesICTV, TRK Ukraine
2011«Dance of Our Love»24 episodesDomashniy
2010-2011«Semin. Nemesis»16 episodesNTV
2010-2011«Madam. Continuation»14 episodesNTV
2010-2011«Into issue urgently 3»24 episodesRussia
2010«Cinderella with Kids»8 episodesTRK Ukraine
2010 «Gypsy Cab Driver»16 episodesNTV
2009-2010«Bros 2»32 episodesNTV
2009-2010«Teacher in Law. Continuation»16 episodesNTV
2009«Boomerang from the Past»12 episodesRussia
2009«Untouchables»16 episodesTRK Ukraine
2008-2009«General’s Granddaughter»16 episodesTVC
2008-2009«Into issue urgently 2»24 episodesRussia
2008-2009«Bros»16 episodesNTV
2008«To be continued»16 episodesTVC
2007«Into issue urgently»24 episodesRussia
2005«Right to Love»16 episodesREN TV
2003«Funny Company»12 episodesREN TV
2001Comedy Quartet»21 episode1+1
1999«Private Police»4 episodes1+1, СТС
1998«Mamadu»50 episodes1+1, М1
1996«Long Noses Show»52 episodes1+1


2018«New Year’s angel»STB
2016«Marriage in the New Year»Inter
2016«Baby Boom»Inter
2013«Diamond in Chocolate»NTV
2013«Teacher-in-law. Return»NTV
2012«Lover for Lucy»TRK Ukraine
2012«Terrible Beauty»TRK Ukraine
2012«Become me»Domashniy
2011«The Last Case of Casanova»Domashniy
2011«Vicissitudes of love»Domashniy
2011«Koroleva’s New Dress»Domashniy
2011«Yeltsin. Three days in August»NTV
2011«Madam. Continuation»NTV
2011«Kiss on the head»NTV
2010«Teacher-in-law. Continuation»NTV
2010«My sin»NTV
2009«Hobo – 2»NTV
2008«Bet on love»TVC
2008«Labyrinths of Love»TVC
2008«Sleeping and Beauty»TVC
2008«Another face»TVC
2008«Jester and Venus»TVC
2008«Black dress»TVC
2008«Murder in the summer season»TVC
2008«Sand rain»Russia
2008«We Strangely Met»Russia
2008«I love married man»Russia
2008«The best evening»First
2008«Suddenly a magician will fly»First
2008«Maternal instinct»First
2008«Ice in the grounds»First
2008«Long-awaited love»First
2008«Main evidence»First
2007«Vera Crisis»TVC
2007«I will never forget you»TVC
2007«Traveling in love»Russia
2007«Boyfriend for hire»Russia
2007«Love under supervision»Russia
2007«Vacations of love»Russia
2007«Female Friendship»Russia
2007«Stupid Star»Russia
2007«Our sins»Russia
2007«Against common sense»Russia
2007«Evening Tale»Russia
2007«You will always be with me»First
2007«One love»First
2006«My stranger sister»Russia
2006«Make God laugh»Russia
2006«Return of the prodigal dad»Russia
2006«And who are you to him?»Russia


2014-2015«Light and shadow of the lighthouse»250 episodesNTV
2014-2015«The Last Janissary»250 episodesRussia
2014«While the village is sleeping»256 episodesRussia
2013«Kiss»90 episodesTRK Ukraine
2013«Efrosinya. Taiga love»292 episodesRussia
2012«Jamaica»90 episodesTRK Ukraine
2011«Efrosinya. Continuation»261 episodesRussia
2011«Janym / My relatives»250 episodesKhabar Kazakhstan
2010-2012«Forest Guard»96 episodesNTV
2010-2011«The Route of Mercy»140 episodesRussia
2010«Efrosinya»258 episodesRussia
2008-2009«Two sides of one Anna»60 episodesRussia
2008«Eclipse»60 episodesTVC
2008«Close people»236 episodesRussia
2008«Hold me tight»100 episodesRussia
2007«Guardian angel»250 episodesRussia
2007«Wages of sins»80 episodesTVC
2007«Other secrets»56 episodesFirst
2006-2007«Blood Sister»140 episodesFirst
2006«City Romance»100 episodesTVC
2005-2006«All inclusive»90 episodesNTV
2005-2006«She-wolf»236 episodesRussia
2004«Healing with Love»180 episodesRussia


2010“Oleg Tabakov. Sparking the stars “First