Actor, director, screenwriter, producer
Founder and General Producer of KIEVTELEFILM
Academician of the Ukrainian Television Academy
Member of the Guild of Producers of Ukraine
Member of the Television and Film Producers Association
Member of the Academy of Russian Television
Member of the Guild of Producers of Russia

Born July 4, 1958 in the city of Kotovsk, Odessa region.
Graduated from Odessa Polytechnic Institute. During his studies – was an actor at the Odessa Student Theater of Miniatures, a participant in the television show «Funny Guys» («Веселые ребята»).
After graduation, he worked in nuclear energy, eliminated the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, and participated in the elimination of the aftermath of the earthquakes in Spitak and Leninakan.
On television since 1989. He stood at the origins of the creation of cable television in the USSR (he created the first cable television in the Ukrainian SSR in the city of Slavutich).
One of the founders of STB Channel was the International Media Center CJSC. Valentin Opalev has been a part of the team that carried out the current management of International Media Center CJSC since 1997.
Very during the collaboration with Valentin Opalev the STB Channel first aired on June 2, 1997. The channel became known for the news program «Windows» («Окна»), the humor program «Long Noses Show» («Шоу долгоносиков»), the hit factory «Shish» («Шиш»), the program «KIN» («КИН») (cultural news), «About Cinema» («Про кино»), «Cinemateka», «Impreza» «Импреза»), Maria Burmaka talk show, the analytical program of Nikolai Knyazhitsky «Windows-weekly» («Окна-еженедельник»), the author’s program of Vitaly Portnikov «Person» («Персона») and others.
Since 1997, Valentin Opalev, as vice president of the International Media Center STB CJSC, laid the foundation for the development of a policy of promoting social initiatives.
From 1994 to 2000 – created and headed the company «PRO TV».
From 1996 to 1997 – General Director of the Ukrainian STB Channel.
From 2000 to 2005 – General Director of the creative association «MAMADU» (popular sitcoms «Full Mamadu» («Полное Мамаду»), «Comedy Quartet» («Комедийный квартет»), etc.).
Since 2006 – General Producer of the KIEVTELEFILM Group of Companies.
The production works of Valentin Opalev are regularly included in the list of the most popular programs of Ukrainian and foreign television channels. So, the series «Bros» («Братаны») became the most popular television series following the results of 2009 on the NTV channel (Russia).

2008 – Special prize named after philanthropist Maria Tenisheva «For the idea and implementation of the project «Actor-Director» at the First All-Russian Film Festival «Golden Phoenix» (city of Smolensk, October 3, 2008).
2011 – Russian National Television Award «TEFI» in the nomination «Best Television Artistic Series – Television Novel» – t/s «Efrosinya. Continuation» («Ефросинья. Продолжение»).
2013 – Winner of the competition in the category «Best Television Series (more than 10 episodes)» of the National Golden Cinema Award – t/s «Maryina Roshcha» («Марьина роща»).
2013 – Winner of the Prize «Best Television Novel» of the Association of Producers of Cinema and Television – t/s «Efrosinya. Taiga love» («Ефросинья. Таежная любовь»)
2014 – Russian national television award «TEFI» in the nomination «Television Novel» – t/s «While the village is sleeping» («Пока станица спит»)
The production works of Valentin Opalev have also been repeatedly marked at festivals:
52nd Television Festival in Monte Carlo (Monaco): Feature film «Yeltsin. Three Days in August» («Ельцин. Три дня в августе») was nominated for the Best TV Movie and Best Director;

International Festival DetectiveFEST: t/s «Bros» («Братаны»), f/f «Hobo» («Бомжиха»), f/f «Main evidence» («Главная улика»);
International Television and cinema forum «Together»: f/f «Hobo» («Бомжиха»), f/f «Main evidence» («Главная улика»), f/f «Clinch» («Клинч»);
«Golden Phoenix»: f/f «Women’s Friendship» («Женская дружба»), f/f «Lera» («Лера»), f/f «Sand Rain» (Песочный дождь);
Berdyansk International Film Festival: f/f «Loner» («Одиночка») and others.